BIG FUN Brass Band, LLC

      While BIG FUN does perform for a variety of events, weddings definitely make up the majority of our performances. Whether you're looking for a group for a 2nd line, a cocktail hour, a reception, or all of the above, this band can definitely suit your needs. Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, but unfortunately for some, they may also become a time of great stress. We understand that not every bride or groom is a musician, or a professional event coordinator. That is why we work with you as soon as we are hired to determine what style of music you want to hear, how many musicians are needed, and all other aspects of our performance.

       When you book BIG FUN, you're not just getting a group of musicians. You are getting a group of experienced professionals who will work with you to determine EXACTLY what you want on your wedding day, and take the necessary steps to provide you with it. We don't just show up and play on your wedding day. We start working the day we are hired!